Hey there! I’m Ariyah (Are-ee-Yah), Prophetic Coach and Strategist, entrepreneur, daughter and friend. Like you, I wear many hats and am working daily to balance them all. Though for years I struggled in my walk with God. I didn’t see the value He placed on me and fought to discover why I was even here.

After over a decade of trials, pain and healing, I can confidently say that I know what I am here on this Earth to do! I took the long route so that you wouldn’t have to. Through my journey I have learned so much about God, how He desires to operate in our lives and what we need to do in order to give Him the space to do just that!

We were not created to be self serving. Each of us are intricately connected. You need me and I need you to fulfill Gods purpose in the Earth. Though we are connected, each of us has a unique calling. I’ve discovered that my purpose is to be a safe place for women of faith to explore their calling and start living out their God-given purpose. And I am thrilled to start working with you to discover your own!

As a Prophetic Coach, it’s my job to make you uncomfortable with your greatness. You’ve hidden your light for too long, now it’s time to shine! We’re going to work together to pull back the layers in your life and reveal who you truly are and what you’re here to do. I can’t promise this journey will be easy, and I can almost guarantee that there will be tears. However, I can say from my own experience that finding purpose and walking in it is the most fulfilling thing that you will ever do, no matter how difficult the journey!